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¿How to create and use?

As the scope of the project becomes larger, we may find it more efficient to reuse previously written functions and those already in the program. Although these functions can be linked as separate files during compilation, it becomes increasingly inefficient to manually enter the name of each file as the number of files exceeds one’s patience. The process becomes even more painful when these functions are located in different directories.

This is where the libraries come into play (:

by having all these functions in one library file, we save ourselves from having to call separate files at compile time.

Just like books in a library are categorized and…

What is the difference between a hard link and a symbolic link?

Links in UNIX could be taken as pointers to a file or directory. Creating links is a kind of shortcuts to access a file. Links allow more than one file name to refer to the same file, elsewhere.

There are two types of links :

  1. Soft Link or Symbolic links
  2. Hard Links

A symbolic or soft link is an actual link to the original file, whereas a hard link is a mirror copy of the original file. If you delete the original file, the soft link has no value, because it points to a non-existent file. But in the case…

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